Thursday, April 21, 2011

Interview Today!

When my long-term teaching assignment ended at the beginning of April, I was worried about how much supply teaching I'd be doing, and if I'd run into a bit of financial trouble since I know live on my own in a fairly nice rental condo, which comes with a fairly large monthly rent.

In hindsight, worrying about that was completely dumb!

Other than the one day I purposely booked off (the first day between my long-term assignment and supplying, so that I could organize myself before diving back into it), I have had supply work every. single. day.  Sometimes they have been half-day jobs, but most of them are full-day.  I have even been getting my calls the night before, or at times a few nights before, and haven't even had to deal with the dreaded 6 am bookings.

It's been interesting to go back to supply teaching after over a year of working in one school.  It feels so strange to be a nobody in the school building.  To walk in to a completely unfamiliar place, get pointed on your way, and then to barely matter for the whole day.  Sure, I'm taking care of the class... and I'm trying to ensure all of the work their teacher has left gets done (which, typically it does)... but mostly, I feel anonymous and ignored.  There have been a few schools where the atmosphere is a little friendlier, and I enjoyed my work days there so much more.  Otherwise, it's just made me miss feeling like a part of a school staff.  It's made me miss feeling respected as a teacher -- by the students, too, I mean.

Also, I keep getting supply work in grade five and six classrooms -- I miss my primary-aged students!

Today, I'm so fortunate to say, I have an interview for another long-term assignment that would get me back to my previous school starting next Wednesday and going straight through until the end of the school year.  It's for a teaching partner of mine in grade one, so I'm hoping I can do very well today on the interview and clinch the job.  I've already taught grade one for over a year at this school, I already know the kids in her class.. I hope I'm a shoe-in.

Today, I booked myself free of supply teaching so I could prepare for my 3:30 pm interview time (and do some other work for a course I'm taking).  I'm really hoping that after tonight, I'll end up only having one more supply day before it's back to having my own classroom again in the school I know and love.

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